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The regulars

Rebel Local - 8% vol.

Awaken the rebel inside you! Take this hoppy blonde out for an exciting date on the rooftop of the police office. Get cosy by your neighbour’s pool while he’s on vacation and enjoy the flowery and fruity scent. Let the soft bitterness take you by surprise, while your colleagues sip from their boring glasses of champagne at the office party. 

Scent: Flowery with slightly smoked herbal scent
Flavour: The first sip starts out fruity, but slowly makes room for a floral, somewhat herbal hoppiness. A considerable bitterness in the aftertaste balances out the beer perfectly.

Oud Bruin - 6% vol.

This traditional beer from the South-West of Flanders awakens your taste buds with a massive wallop. Once your senses get over that initial shock, the experience a complexe mix of winey aromas, red fruits, wood and green apple. Sourness dominates in taste. This red brown beer is a blend of old and young beer, aged in different oak barrels. Each barrel gives a different taste, but through the proces of blending, a similar style is obtained. Once botteled, the beer ripens for six months to further develop its finesse and delicate aromas. 

Scent: red fruit and wood
Flavour: At the first sip, the sourness dominates. Once you are used to the acidity, the aromas of wood, green apple, bread and red fruits approach more clearly. The sourness lingers just long enough and then it makes place for a dry sensation in the mouth.

Moose Blues - 7,5% vol.

When you’ve got the blues, rely on the Moose. Forget your cares thanks to its aroma of dried fruit and dark chocolate. When you are still feeling blue – dabadee, dabadoo – just take a great sip of this dark tasting beer. The taste reveals smoked malt and caramel. Adding Canadian maple syrup gives a more complexe sensation in the mouth. Slowly enjoy this intriguing beer, so that it can give away all its secrets one by one and you can discover a different kind of blues. 

Scent: confit of fruit, breadcrumbs
Flavour: The caramel is the first one to come up, immediately followed by liquorice. With the addition of Canadian maple syrup, the taste evolves into fruity and herbal. Hints of chocolate, raisins and aniseed complete the whole nicely.

Super Noah - 4,9% vol.

This blonde beer full of character is our plea for Belgian Hops: NoAH stands for “No American Hops”. The finest hops, all grown in Belgium, were selected to give this beer a sturdy but pure bitterness and noble hop aroma. Thanks to the low alcohol percentage and fresh hoppiness, this beer makes for the perfect thirst-quenching spirited blonde. Bring out the Belgian in you and proudly order a Super NoAH on that terrace across the American embassy. Cheers!

Scent: flowery and slightly fruity hop smell
Flavour: The initial cleanliness and maltiness soon makes place for noble hop aromas from the Hallertau Mittelfruh. The main taste is floral. The bitterness in the aftertaste announces the next sip.

Golden Tricky - 7,5% vol.

The Golden Tricky is made in honour of a witty priest from East-Flanders. The only hop that is used in this brew is the Australian Ella. Don’t be fooled by her exotic aroma that creates the expectation of a sweet beer. You will soon notice the bitter aftertaste that makes this beer whole. Do the test and let a boomerang of tastes slide through your throat, all the way down-under. 

Scent: Mango, apricot, passion fruit
Flavour: tropical fruit and subtle sweetness from the Australian hop dominate the first taste. This quickly blends with a strong, yet nicely rounded bitterness.

Unwanted Tattoo - 6,2% vol.

Beerstyle: Ginger IPA

Unwanted Tattoo, an example of something you regret. But realize that the decisions of the past determine who you are now.

So live in the now and take a sip of this ginger IPA. Let the ginger torment your esophagus, then indulge in its tropical hop aromas.

This beer gives you a fresh look at the future so that you can let go of the past. So don't look back, it's no good for your neck!

Scent: exotic fruit, ginger, citrus
Flavour: hoppiness, fruit and ginger

Space Cadet - 5% vol.

This beer takes you wandering 
The soft, creamy feeling in the mouth, coming from the wheat, takes you to the seventh heaven. There, the hoppy aroma whisks you away on a journey along the Mediterranean farmers markets full of apricots and figs, luscious flower fields and an orchard full of ripe oranges. 
The gravity coming from the alcohol is minimal, so you can pour it down your heavenly body without the weightless feeling.

Scent: Spices with hints of citrus.
Flavour: The beer starts like a classical wheat beer with love and smokiness. Soon, the hop aroma takes over the taste, dominated by mandarin and apricot. The strong, yet balanced after bitterness highlights the freshness of this beer.

VERZET - 5,8% vol.


Scent: Passionfruit
Flavour: Fruity and refreshing

Oud Bruin Infusions

A limited edition of Oud Bruin variations, which only make an appearance once a year. 

We add an extra ingredient to a minimum one year old Oud Bruin. These ingredients get several months to infuse with the beer and give off their tastes. When our brewers sample and judge that the tastes are in perfect harmony, it is time to bottle. 


Oud Bruin Oak Leaf - 6% vol.
Added oak leafs, hand picked in the summer

Scent: Greenery, woods, organic
Flavour: Strong presence of sourness and wine-like character of the basic beer. Complexe blend of woody and green aroma's. Very dry mouth feel rounds up the whole sensation.

Oud Bruin Cherry - 6% vol.
Added cherries

Scent: Full scent of red, ripe cherry with a hint of almond.
Flavour: Soft sour start and associations with red wine. Later, a hint of cherry and a little sweetness follows, quickly coming to a soft sour, astringent end.

Oud Bruin Vineyard - 6% vol.
Added grapes

Scent: Fresh, clean, yellow plum, fruity, white wine
Flavour: Soft sour kick-off in harmony with the taste of green apple and gooseberry. Hint of white currant and yellow plum. The aftertaste is slightly sour and strongly dry.

Oud Bruin Raspberry - 6% vol.
Addition of raspberries

Scent: Fruity, raspberries and other red fruits with a woody touch
Flavour: Fruity with a firm sour aftertaste

Oud Bruin Strawberry - 6% vol.
Addition of strawberries

Scent: Full sweet aroma of fresh strawberries
Flavour: Refreshingly sour with fruity notes.

Oud Bruin Peach - 6% vol.
Addition of peaches

Scent: Creamy, peachy, fruity
Flavour: Refreshingly acidic with nice notes of peach and soft fruit.

Bootleg beers

Every now and then, we brew up something completely new, just to still our enormous thirst for experiment. 

When one of our new "specials" is released, you can read all about it on Facebook.

Want to know more about our experiments? Just contact us.

Fixed Gamma: (not yet listed above)

  • Unwanted Tattoo: Smooth IPA with ginger, 6.2 AV%.
  • Caravan Sultan: Hydro IPA, dry-hopped with Mandarina Bavaria, 1.5 AV%

Our Bootlegs:

  • Doktor Rudi: Dryhopped kettle sour, blonde, fresh sour beer flavored with the spicy hop Dr. Rudi, 6 AV%
  • Baby Jesus: Imperial Porter macerated on coffee beans. 10 AV%
  • Spunky Speedo: London Pale Ale, is a smooth drinker with hazy look, fruity notes and a lovely soft bitter finish, 6.1 AV%
  • Ants Pants: London Porter, is a smooth drinker with its low alcohol percentage but is full of roasted notes and caramel malts with a nice bitter finish, 4.8 AV%

Oud Bruin Thrills:

  • Super Boil: Our standard Oud Bruin boiled for 16 hours instead of 1.5 hours.
    The wort undergoes a maillard reaction that makes the beer a fuller-bodied version of our Old Brown with more caramel notes.
  • Kameradski Balsamico: Hybrid between a "Russian Imperial Stout" and Old Brown, 13.5 AV% (Available!)
  • Naked Kameradski: Imperial Stout that is the basis of our Kameradski Balsamic, 15 AV%
  • Mighty Matroesjka: Double Barrel Aged version of our Naked Kameradski (Imperial Stout) aged in Jamaican Rum barrels and Sherry Oloroso barrels. 15 AV% (Currently unavailable!)
  • Foederbier - Joey: The mother of our "Oud Bruin." It is a "single cask", meaning that the beer is not mixed with other barrels or with young beer.

Oud Bruin FEST:

  • Oud Bruin MEGABLEND 2021: 

    Holy shit! The very first Oud Bruin MEGABLEND ever! 

    "To highlight the collaboration of the brewers, Brewery 't Verzet joined forces with 11 other breweries for a unique collab. They went to each of them to get 200 liters of Flemish red-brown beer, where the brewer there carefully selected a perfect barrel and blended it into a MEGABLEND."

    This unique bottle of Oud Bruin is a collaboration between 12 Belgian breweries. It is a blend of Flemish Red Brown that, depending on brewer to brewer, has spent 2 to 4 years in barrels.  This beer was created in honor of the Oud Bruin FEST beer festival. The first beer festival with a focus on Flemish Red Brown beers. However, the first edition of this festival has been rescheduled to 2022 due to corona measures. 

    Participating Breweries Oud Bruin MEGABLEND 2021:
    Brewery 't Verzet
    Brewery Omer Vander Ghinste
    Bourgogne Des Flandres
    Brewery Verhaeghe
    Alvinne Brewery
    De Leite Brewery
    Brewery De Ranke
    Toye Brewery
    Dok Brewing Company
    Seasonal brewery Vandewalle
    Strubbe Brewery
    Rolling Hills Brewery

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